Making Changes: Changes can be made to a Will, by adding an addition called a codicil. If you wish to change the guardian, for example, you may state in the codicil that you are removing one person and replacing him or her with another. This may occur because the original guardian has moved from the area. The codicil, like the original Will must be signed by you, in the presence of two witnesses who also sign the codicil in the presence of yourself and the other witness. If you are making numerous changes or do not want someone to know a change has been made you may wish to make a new Will.

Revocation of a Will: A Will may be cancelled in a number of ways. You may make a written document stating that you wish to revoke the will. This must be signed by you and witnessed . You may make a new Will, stating that you revoke any previous Wills. You may intentionally destroy the Will. Finally a Will is revoked if you marry unless you made the Will in contemplation of the marriage and stated so in your Will. It is important to note that a Will is not automatically revoked upon divorce.

The information contained in this brochure is intended for general information only. For advice specific to your needs and circumstances, you should consult a lawyer.