Process: Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law is a dispute resolution option in which the parties retain separate lawyers who have been trained as collaborative law specialists and whose job is to help the parties settle the issues.  If the issues do not settle, then the lawyers are discharged.  The lawyer may never represent either client against the other in contested court proceedings.  All participants agree to work together respectfully, honestly and in good faith, to try to find win-win solutions to the legitimate needs of both parties.  No one can proceed to court or threaten to do so, and if that should occur the collaborative law process is terminated.
 The possible advantages of the collaborative law process are that it can lead to a civilized respectful resolution of issues, that it can keep open the possibility of remaining friendly with your ex-partner or ex-spouse, that it encourages the best co-parenting relationship possible if there are children, that children are protected from the harm associated with litigation dispute resolution, that it protects privacy and personal affairs, that the participants retain control and autonomous decision making, and that there are very few restrictions to the possible ranges of outcome that allow participants to tailor solutions to their own individual needs and interests.
The possible disadvantages of the collaborative process are that you may invest a lot of time and money in the process and then, if no settlement is reached, you may have to discharge your lawyer and engage a new lawyer for the court process, that the process will breakdown if both parties (and their lawyers) are not fully committed to the principles of interest-based negotiation, that, if the parties reach an impasse, there is no impartial third party to make a decision for them. 
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