COVID-19 And Family Law
Our family law team recognizes these times are particularly challenging and confusing for families and we are here to help guide you through it. 
If you have questions about parenting arrangements, access exchanges, rights and obligations, and child and/or spousal support in light of the current pandemic, we can help.  
The courts are still operating; however, dealing with significant back log. It can be difficult to get a court date for a contested matter, unless your matter is deemed an emergency. That being said, in addition to addressing urgent matters, the courts are processing uncontested divorces, issuing orders by consent, addressing matters relating to child support including those in relation to changes in income owing to the pandemic, and scheduling conferences and settlement conferences by phone. The court is also offering a new “e-court” pilot project to deal with certain matters online, where both parties are represented by counsel. Please contact us if you have questions about the processes and options available to you. You can also visit our Family Law page for more information about our services. For a full list of the courts notices and current services you can also visit:
Family Law Paralegals: Sarah Crawford at, 902-334-2163
Lawyer: Nicole MacIsaac at or 902-434-6181.