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Gregg Yeadon
Gregg practices Happy Law. These are areas where successfully carried out, everyone is happy. This includes real estate conveyancing, drafting wills and estate planning, as well as estate administration. It extends as well to the incorporation of companies and related matters that can help make your life a little happier. 

Gregg is a long-time member of the Serving Seniors Alliance, a group of professionals and other businesses dedicated to helping seniors and their families.

Gregg is known as "The Lawyer Who Makes Housecalls". Gregg is pleased to come to you where it is difficult for you to come to him. Gregg answers his own phone (as "The Lawyer Who Takes Phone calls") at 902-334-2150.

Contact Gregg
Direct Line 902-334-2150
Debbie George
Legal Assistant

Lucas Duggan

Legal Assistant


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